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BLACK FRIDAY PROMO – Save up to 30% NOW!

We starting now our BLACK FRIDAY PROMO!


You can save up to 30% on all our Services*

How does it work? 

Sign up, or Login add at least 50 € or more  to  your Credit Balance, and we will give you up to 33% additional Credit Balance.


You add 50 EUR, so you get 55 EUR Credit Balance

You add 250 EUR, so you get 275 EUR Creditbalance

You add 500 EUR, so you get 600 EUR Credit Balance

You add 1000 EUR, so you get 1250 EUR Credit Balance

You add 2000 EUR, so you get 2600 EUR Credit Balance

And the best: you can use all our supported and accepted Payment methods like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Paypal*, BankWire and more.

And our Term for this Promotion? very simple:

The Terms:

  •  The Bonus Stages are :
  • 5% Bonus on Credit added from 50 EUR to 249 EUR
  • 10% Bonus on Credit added from 250 EUR to 499 EUR
  • 20% Bonus on Credit added from 500 EUR to 999 EUR
  • 25% Bonus on Credit added from 1000 EUR to 1999 EUR
  • 30% Bonus on Credit added from 2000 EUR to max. 5000 EUR
  • Each Customer can use this Promotion several times within the promotion period
  • Promotion starts on 28/11/2019 and ends 03.12.2019
  • Only Add-Funds Invoices with 500 EUR or more are eligible for this Offers
  • Paypal Top-ups may need a verification.
  • Promotion can be used from new Customers and any existing Customer who dont used any similar Promotion in the last 3 Month.
  • * additional Credit Balance dont apply for Special Server Deals and not for our special Black Friday Offers

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