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We push Bitcoin to 5000 EUR!

Today we starting our second LONG-TIME-PUSH-Promotion.  Our last Long-Time-Push-Promotion was started 2 Years ago with a Push to 4000 EUR.

At the beginning of this month, Bitcoin has reached the highest Peak for the last 12 month: over 4000 EUR/BTC.

We from Internoc24.HOST now  push the BTC Exchange Rate for our Services, like Dedicated Server, Virtual Server and more. What this means? Very easy:

Customers can add Funds to his Customer Account Credit Balance for further orders, renewal and more:

Each Funds over 0,1 BTC should be added to your Account with a BTC Exchange Rate of 5000 EUR!

So if you add 0,1 BTC to your Account, you should receive 500 EUR Credit Balance (instead of 445 EUR).
If you add 1 BTC to your Account you should receive 5000 EUR Credit Balance (instead of 4450 EUR)

The Terms:

  • Each Customer can use this Offer several times.
  • Only Add-Funds Invoices are eligible for this Offers
  • Promotion starts on 04/04/2019 and ends if:
  • – the official BTC Price has reached 5000 EUR or
  • – if the official BTC Price is fallen under 4300 EUR
use Offer now!

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