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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 ! – Important Information

HELLO 2023 ! We are here!


Dear customers!

We wish you a Happy New Year 2023!

May God keep you happy and healthy in this new year.

Thanks for choosing us and putting your trust in our service, wishing to serve you again in this new year!

2022 was an eventful year!

The Corona crisis is becoming endemic and has moved somewhat into the background.

Instead, the Ukraine/Russia war with all its facets has moved to the foreground.

In addition to the ongoing chip crisis, inflation-related price increases are now gradually coming through.

A number of our partners with whom we work have increased prices in 2021 due to the chip shortage.  This affected our customers with dedicated servers, where we had to pass on price changes for the first time after more than 10 years.

Some of our long-time customers with dedicated servers unfortunately had to cancel their services, while others remain loyal to us, for which we would like to thank them extraordinarily!

So we would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty and we are especially proud of our long-term customers, we have noticed that some have been loyal to us for 12 years now !  WOW !

Thank you for being our customer for so long!

However, 90% of our partners have also increased their prices in 2022 (some even several times), the reasons for this are, besides the massively increased energy costs, inflation!

Unfortunately, we will not be able to prevent our other services, i.e. Virtual Server and Shared Hosting, from adjusting their prices during the first quarter of 2023.

Our long-time customers know that when we have bad news, we always have a plan B with good news as well 🙂

We have always regularly launched our Payment Bonus promotion in the past years, even in 2022, although on a smaller scale than usual.

For a good start into the new year 2023 and to compensate for the imminent price increases, we start 2023 with our famous Payment Bonus Promotion.

We offer all our customers a BONUS of 23% on the next credit deposit between 50 EUR to 1500 EUR. 

No graduation according to credit deposit as in the last years, but flat for all customers the same: 23% BONUS on TOP!

Here are the Terms:

  • The Promotion is available from 01.01.2023 to 10.01.2023.
  • Bonus can be applied to existing and to new Customer (tell your Friends 🙂
  • The promotion is limited to payments made via Cryptocurrencies, Paysafecard and Bank transfer. Payments via Paypal are not eligible for this promotion !
apply for Bonus Promotion!

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