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Important Notice: Price adjustment of our products

Today we informed our Customers via Email about Price adjustment of our products:

In January, we announced in our New Year’s newsletter that due to increased prices, we would be forced to raise our prices as well.

Fortunately, we were able to avoid this step despite the announcement:
You surely also noticed that the announced separate email with information about the increases was missing.

Unfortunately, the situation has not eased since the beginning of the year, on the contrary: the global economy is struggling with new challenges and we, as an internationally active company, are clearly feeling them.

As there are no signs of stabilization in the foreseeable future, e.g. in energy prices and inflation, we are unfortunately forced to raise the prices of numerous products by approx. 10% to 20%.

In order to provide you with the greatest possible transparency and planning security, we have decided to inform you about the price adjustments for existing products already today in this message.  The price adjustments will take place on 01.10.2022!

We will shortly inform each customer in detail about their new prices in a support ticket in their account.  

In some cases, services with long-term bookings will also be affected. We will contact our customers to find a solution that is acceptable to all parties. 

In order to offer our customers some relief in the short term, we will also launch a bonus credit campaign when we send out this information, which will allow many customers to absorb a large part of the increase. 

We know that not every customer uses our “add credit – get bonus”, nevertheless the upcoming action is available for every customer. 

You can find more information about the bonus action at the end of the email! 

We are convinced that we can still offer you our products at a fair price-performance ratio despite the price adjustment.

Nevertheless, we hope you can understand our decision and ask for your understanding for this measure.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us please contact us directly via your customer center.

Best Regards,

Milos Slatjovic
CEO Internoc24.HOST


– add credit – get bonus PROMOTION – 

Here are the Terms:

  • The Promotion is available from 02.09.2022 to 23.09.2022.
  • Bonus can be applied to existing Customers
  • Each Bonus can be ordered more than one time!
  • Limited to payments made via Cryptocurrencies, Paysafecard and Bank transfer
Funds added Bonus (Percent)
100 EUR you receive 107,50 EUR Credit Balance (7,50%)
250 EUR you receive 275 EUR Credit Balance (10%)
500  EUR you receive 562,50 EUR Credit Balance (12,5%)
1000  EUR you receive 1150 EUR Credit Balance (15%)
2000 EUR you receive 2350 EUR Credit Balance (17.5%)
5000 EUR you receive 6000 EUR Credit Balance (20.0%)
Claim your Bonus now!

Promotion Terms: the Promotion starts on 02.09/2022 and ends on 23/09/2022 . Each Customer can use the Promotion  more than one time.  The additional Credit Balance (Bonus) would be added within 48h!

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