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GREAT NEWS: Intel CoffeeLake-R i7 / i9 Server on THREE Location available!

We have fantastic News:  a couple of Weeks ago we have launched our first Offer with the new Intel Coffee-Lake-R Server, located in the USA (LINK).

Now we expand the availability of Intel Coffee-Lake-R based Server to Russia and Netherland.

Theres two new Configuration available:

Intel Core i7 9700K – 32 GB Ram – 2x 480 GB SSD and

Intel Core i9 9900K – 32 GB Ram – 2x 480 GB SSD

The Intel Core i7 9700K Server starts from 99,95 EUR and the Intel Core i9 9900K from 119,95 EUR, same price on both Location: Netherland and Russia.

To the beginning, we have only a small stock of both Server available, so place your Order fast before stock is running out of availability.

Netherland – Intel Coffee-Lake-R Server

Russia – Intel Coffee-Lake-R Server 


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