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PAYSAFECARD Bonus Promotion – Receive a Bonus up to 50 % for your Payment

Paysafecard PROMOTION

Receive a Bonus up to 50 % for your Payment !

We from Internoc24 LLC starting our first Paysafecard Promotion this Year! Our Last and existing Promotions (you know our Free Dedidcated Server Promotion?) are with Bitcoin as Payment method. And today we start a new great Promotion but with Paysafecard, where you can save 50 % on your next Orders. How it works? Very simple:Add 100 or 250 Euro Funds to your Credit Balance and receive a big Bonus between 25% to 50% additional after 7 Days. It is very easy, choose on of the Links below, made the Payment and receive the additional Credit asap² .
Add 100 Euro Funds, receive 125 Euro Credit Balance
Add 250 Euro Funds, receive 375 Euro Credit Balance


Promotion Terms: the Promotion starts on 15/06/2015 and ends on 30/06/2015 or if the Limit is reached. The Promotion is limited to 100 uses. (100x 25 Euro Bonus and 100x 125 Euro Bonus). Each Customer can use the Promotion TWO TIME. (2x 25 Euro Bonus OR 2x 125 Euro Bonus OR  1x 25 Euro Bonus and 1x 125 Euro Bonus). The additional Credit Balance (Bonus) would be added after 7 Days. The Promotion can not be used from Customer which have used on of our Paysafecard Promotion in the last 12 Month.The Bonus Credit Balance can not be applied to existing Invoices. (Only to new Invoices)

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