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[Promotion] FREE Dedicated Server – Seriously !

Today we starting our first Promotion in June and this Promotion is realy amazing.

Our last Promotions was also amazing, but this Promotion is one of the best which we have created for our existing and for new Customers!



 Intel Xeon X3210
4 GB Ram
2x 160 GB HDD
2500 GB Traffic
Netherland Datacenter Location



How this work? Well this is realy simple: Our customers likes Bitcoin (we as Company also, Internoc24 was one of the first Offshore Hosting Company which accept Bitcoin Payment), so this is Bitcoin ONLY Promotion!

What is the “TODO” to receive the Dedicated Server? 

Add Funds to your Account, test one of our great amazing VPS/Dedicated Server
(or only the free Dedicated Server) and share your positive experience with us via Facebook or Twitter! ( Internoc24 LLC Facebook / Internoc24 LLC Twitter )
How long can i use the Dedicated Server for FREE?

This depends on the funds which you have added to your Account:

1 Month FREE: Funds from 150 to 300 Euro

3 Month FREE: Funds from 301 to 900 Euro

6 Month FREE: Funds from 901 to 1500 Euro

12 MONTH FREE: Funds from 1501 to 2500 Euro


Is there any Setupfee for the Server?

No! The Server is realy free, without any charges within the FREE Month Period!


What about after the Free Month Period?

After the Free Month Period you can renew the Server to the regular Price depending on the Billing Cycle you wish (minimum contract length is 3 Month)


How can i get my FREE Dedicated Server?

Order your FREE Dedicated Server here: ORDER NOW
Add the Funds to your  Client Account:  PAY FUNDS WITH BITCOIN PROMOTION


I dont need this Server, is any other Server or Promtion available for me?

Yes! We can not offer any other Server for this Promotion in the moment but you can use an another Promotion from Internoc24 LLC:

Add 50 or 100 Euro Funds to your Credit Balance and receive 50 % additional after 7 Days. It is very easy, choose on of the Links below, made the Payment and receive the additional Credit asap* .

Add 50 Euro Funds, receive 75 Euro Credit Balance
Add 100 Euro Funds, receive 150 Euro Credit Balance


Promotion Terms: the Promotion starts on 03/06/2015 and ends on 30/06/2015 or if the limit is reached. The Promotion is limited to 100 Dedicated Server. Only one Dedicated Server/ Customer! The Funds are not refundable.

* Each Customer can use the Promotion ONE TIME. (1x 25 Euro Bonus OR 1x 50 Euro Bonus).
The additional Credit Balance (Bonus) would be added after 7 Days.The Funds are not refundable.

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