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We are launching ICELAND Dedicated Server !

GREAT NEWS: We continue to expand our Business and starting in in a couple of Weeks with a new Dedicated Server Location:


Most of the User knowing Iceland as the Mekka for there Crypto Mining-Hardware.

But Iceland is also a famous location for normal Hosting Services, like Blogs for Freedom of Speech and many others.

We from Internoc24 LLC are pleased to a launch the new Location in April 2019 and starting now the PRE-ORDER Period for the Dedicated Server Offers. We have created some amazing and also some reasonable priced offers, because Bandwidth and Hardware is in Iceland very expensive. But with our Partner we get some very good condition, so that we can offering some of the “cheapest” Dedicated Server Offers with Iceland Datacenter Location.

Starting from 49,95 EUR for an Intel Core Core i5 3450 Server with 4 GB Ram and 500 GB HDD, up to a Dual Xeon Xeon E52620v2 Server with 64 GB Ram and 500 GB SSD or 4 TB SATA Disk

Take a look into our Offers and proceed with your PRE ORDER, maybe some Server are out of Stock very fast, as the result of the amazing prices.

Iceland Dedicated Server!

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